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This reminds me of the women at the gossip fence in the old Snuffy Smith cartoons. Debbie found this shot while walking in our “neighborhood.” They are our neighbors…there are far more animals than people. ¬†Good pic Debbie.IMG_5526


Twist and Shout

Art is a concept in the mind that is so fluid. You could never imagine how much work goes into bringing new life from wood that would ordinarily completely disappear. That thought is such a delight. A tree died, but with some work it has been saved forever. This piece is spoken for, but in time you will see more interesting utilitarian beauty.lamp

Driftwood art

It is nice to have good neighbors.IMG_5514This is the first opportunity I have had to show some of the driftwood art. It is a little difficult to see in the pictures, but it is a bird feeder. When we pick a piece of wood to work on we never know what is inside of all of the rotten stuff, worm holes and even rocks. Debbie did a great job (as always) adorning the feeder with a vine, leaves and flowers that she carved. it is in need of a forever home.12507242_988611391209824_2762685603214447607_n

bird feeder

Work in progress

I am working on a new challenge. This is just to show how my drawings are started. As you can see I have a long way to go to get this bird looking right.highlighted picture

The men in my life

It looks like the homeplace is well protected. Everyone is packing.b&whoodlems


Debbie had a nice walk today and captured this picture of one of our furry friends who leaps from tree to tree. Last year we had a wheelbarrow full of hickory nuts loosely intended for pies. These little fellows took them all. I think it would be fun to be a squirrel for a day.squirrley


This did not show up on the Facebook page. This little fellow is very smart. He has three little sisters who will look up to him all of his life.Luke

Drawing Children

I have found that my favorite subjects are children. It is not easier to do at all. I sweat the details in an attempt to make the child appear as closely as possible to their real features. These two are family members. If you have a picture that you would like a sketch of, let me know. I will do my very best to please.claire in hatLuke


This is my latest drawing. I call him Muttley after a dog in a cartoon I watched as a child. He has a rather sad expression, but that may not be the case. From what I have read about dogs they turn their head sideways when they are trying to discern the meaning of the inflections of your voice. That is how dogs understand most of what you say to them. If you would like to own Muttley, he is available.muttley

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