I was weeding one of my flower beds after my pastor’s (JR Finney) sermon on Easter Sunday. A question came to my mind. Would your spiritual life be best as a rose or a weed? Roses are so beautiful and fragrant and our spiritual life would be amazing as a rose. Roses, however, are rather fleeting. They are not around for long and sometimes take a lot of nurturing sometimes over years before they will bloom. If you have ever done any gardening, you know that it is a constant battle keeping weeds out of the garden. Weeds are everywhere! If they were food there would never be hunger in the world. Weeds are not considered beautiful but that is a human view. Weeds take hold and spread with voracity. An alternate view of weeds is that if strength. They continue to come back as the gardener toils to remove them from his garden.

Should we look at the humble weed as an example for our spiritual lives? It withstands the hoe, the mower, and poison. If it was food hunger would not exist. If roses were food they would make little difference toward hunger. Let’s be weeds that are robust, hearty, and fight back from attempts to eradicate them. Let’s be weeds that cover our yards and fields prolifically.

I will be a weed!