There is not a day that the love of a child will not move a sense of warmth and joy inside me. Even when a child is grown his laughter and antics remain as wondrous memories that are still a part of him.

This drawing is my cousin’s great grandson, but it reminds me so much of my son whose 26th birthday was yesterday. He is my joy, and he will remain so as long as I have breath. Now there are two grandsons who have his same laugh.

Where would we be without laughter from children? It is the refrain in music: the giggle, the coo and the squeal. Whether it be Chopin or Pink the mirth is in the tone. Close your eyes and listen to the melodic breath and moan. Feel his tender skin in Handel’s water music  and the Hallelujah chorus. Soar with an orchestra and feel the beat of rock. It all came from a child, and we will embrace him always.

I love you my son.camden